What is BEMER® therapy?

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Pain Management

As a fibro-warrior with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) I am frequently asked how I manage my pain and fatigue to be able to get so many tasks accomplished and give so much to others. My answer is always “I manage my pain on a daily basis through a combination of things, which always begins with at least 8-minutes of BEMER® therapy”. This is then frequently followed up with “What is BEMER® therapy?”

As a pain management practitioner and Independent BEMER® Distributor near NEC Birmingham, I help people struggling to live with the effects of chronic pain and fatigue.

What is BEMER® Therapy?

BEMER® Therapy is patented electromagnetic signals and rhythms delivered by an FDA Approved Medical Device, BEMER®, through its various application modes i.e. the B.BODY and B.PAD to provide Physical Vascular Therapy (PVT).

PVT stimulates a reduced vasomotion (vibrating and contracting of the vessel walls – is my take on it) of the micro-circulation, making up 74% of the vascular system, resulting in a more regulated blood flow, enabling the supply of oxygen and nutrients, and waste removal, at cell level and supporting the body’s own self-healing powers.

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What is BEMER® Therapy Good For?

Because of its whole-body cellular level targeting BEMER® Therapy can be used, and has been proven to be effective in the, support of a wide range of healthcare related problems, such as;

There are many other ailments which can be supported but the ones above are those which are fully backed by scientific data and not just from an individual’s personal experience. The key here is to remember that BEMER®’s intended use is to boost the vasomotion of the microcirculation in the vascular system, providing oxygen and nutrients to the harder to reach cells within the organs and supporting the regeneration process, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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The Benefits of BEMER® Therapy

BEMER® is an amazing machine and has been scientifically proven in its therapy to improve the supply of nutrients and oxygen to organs and tissues, increase physical and mental performance, support the immune system, support the healing of cuts, sores, abrasions, and fitness injuries, and reduce fitness training recovery times.

I have personally found BEMER® Therapy to be my GO-TO item, the tool in the pain tool kit that is an absolute must, and combining its use with lifestyle choices and pacing helps a noticeable reduction in my daily pain levels – using an out of 10 daily scoring.

The reduction in pain levels are great, and for me were a huge win, but then as I’ve continued my use of BEMER® Therapy as part of my lifestyle for over two years now the things I have noticed are that I have more mental energy – sometimes too much that my body just cannot keep up with – I went for many years unable to play brain training games on my phone or tablet, I struggled just to type a message back then and today brain training is included in my daily routine because this along with BEMER® Therapy really helps clear the brain fog. I’m not saying it never happens, but it happens much less often than it ever used to before.

Overall, the quality of my life today, when comparing to that of the one I was living before BEMER® Therapy, has massively improved and I am now able to do things and go to places I spent many years not being able to do.

How Much Does BEMER® Therapy Cost, Can I Buy my OWN BEMER®?

BEMER® Therapy can only be undertaken by an Independent BEMER® Distributor – like myself – and costs up to £20 per session, bulk booking your sessions reduces the cost to just £15 per session for 10, you can arrange a ‘rent to buy’ or purchase your own BEMER® outright.

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BEMER® Therapy targets the 74% of the body’s vascular system providing nutrients and oxygen and removing waste products at a cell level, enhancing the body’s own self-healing, self-regenerating, powers. BEMER® Therapy is suitable for use by almost everyone and has been scientifically proven to be effective in many conditions as well as for maintaining best performance.

BEMER® Therapy comes with accessible and affordable options from single and bulk sessions in the comfort of a purpose-built therapy room. You can purchase your very own BEMER® over at the shop

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