Torn Ligaments

Torn ligaments are painful with a capital P. From initial injury through the healing process and beyond, they can cause almost constant pain that makes it difficult to manage day-to-day life. Particularly if you’ve badly torn a ligament in your knee or ankle, you may find even the simplest of tasks are impacted, like driving or walking around the supermarket.

Torn ligaments are also a bit unpredictable when it comes to full healing. Occasionally, scar tissue forms and you may be left with constant chronic pain or potential for recurring injury – not ideal if you’re big on sport on a particularly active person! Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent your torn ligament from turning into a lifelong niggle. But first, let’s decipher what a ligament is and how it can be injured

What is a Ligament?

A ligament is like a little piece of elastic (viscoelastic, if you’re feeling fancy!) that supports your joints.

It limits their movement by lengthening during tension and springing back to its original structure when tension is released.

How does a Ligament Tear Occur?

Picture that little elastic band again. You stretch and release, and it returns to its original shape. Stretch it again, and the same thing happens. Overstretch suddenly and you may find yourself with a torn elastic band. The same thing occurs with your ligaments. An awkward twist or forceful overstretch can cause incomplete or complete ligament tears. AKA, an incredibly painful injury!

It can take up to 6 weeks for a torn ligament to heal, and that’s only if the healing process goes to plan.

Occasionally, a torn ligament fails to heal completely, and you may be left with scarring in the area which can cause pain. This pain may be niggling, or it can be constant. As this worsens, you may require surgery as a last resort to repair the tendon fully.

However, this may be avoidable with the following therapy.

BEMER® Therapy for Torn Ligaments

If you haven’t come across BEMER® therapy before, you’re in for a treat!

BEMER® Therapy is a technique that utilises a patented pulse electromagnetic field (PEMF) with the intention of aiding the healing process of common ligament and joint injuries, as well as helping to improve the symptoms of chronic pain.

The PEMF works to stimulate blood vessels, which in turn temporarily increases blood circulation to a certain area of the body. When this is focused on a torn ligament, it can aid the healing process and reduce the risk of chronic pain and recurring injury.

It’s an incredibly popular technique used within the sporting industry to get athletes back on their feet quicker and in far better condition than a natural healing process allows for.

BEMER® Therapy at Rolling with the Glen

Torn ligaments are a pain, but you can minimise their impact on your life if you utilise the support of BEMER® therapy. You’ll speed up the healing process and ensure you can return to living your life as fully as you were before.

For more information about BEMER® therapy or to book your session, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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