Life after the BFG!

Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia

4 years ago on 6th March 2016 (Mother’s Day that year too) my entire world ended, or at least it felt as though it had. What I’ve learned is that it hadn’t ended rather more like someone had popped a pin in it and it deflated rapidly.

You see the man that had been by my side for my entire life, my dad who was affectionately known to us and many more as the BFG due to his looks, height and manner, took his last breath and slipped off to a world which only he and others gone before him know now, a world which one day (not any time soon) I hope is where I will get to spend my time with him once more.

He wasn’t always the best at parenting but he was without a doubt the very best dad I could have hoped he be, the best he knew how. He was always there whenever I needed him, even when I didn’t (that wasn’t very often once I’d grew up a little). He mopped up sick, changed nappies, had sleepless nights and wiped away the tears of not just me but both my babies too.

The day he died I hadn’t been able to work due to my health since being made redundant almost 6 years earlier and boy oh boy does grief affect you in ways you can not begin to comprehend until it’s happening. Just six days after dad’s funeral I developed a severe bout of bursitis – I didn’t know that at the time, it took 10 months to get an answer, what I did know is the base of my spine locked stiff, my legs wouldn’t allow me to move one foot in front of the other, I couldn’t sit down, lie down, walk or stand and it felt like I’d been kicked in the foof by an African Elephant.

Today I’ve been an active member of the Parish Church Congregation for 2 and a half years, I’ve been helping households save an average of £650 per year, on their everyday essential bills, for roughly 18 months, Parish Administrator and Verifier for 8 months and UK support for public and private health organisations for 6 months.

And if that wasn’t enough; I’ve also been building a pain management clinic – helping you live a life with less pain! Just the day before dads 4th Anniversary I received confirmation that my application to rent a therapy room has been successful. I will be opening a therapy room in a stunning Grade 2 listed building in Kenilworth in April 2020, where other private medical services are also based.

So from a world that had ended, through devastation, tears, prayers and hard work I am now able to contribute to our household in ways I had begun to believe were no longer possible. I feel like my world has had its puncture repaired and is beginning to reinflate.

I still have my physical health difficulties but I have learned that everyone has something to give regardless of their circumstances. I choose to push through, and push on, to live a life that consists of more than just the four walls and a bed which it had become for so long.

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