Then What?

STEP 3 Improve your nutritional health and well-being!

Just like our cars need do our bodies!


Sticking with the car analogy;

Would you fill your diesel engine with unleaded fuel?  

On a daily basis we continue to fuel our bodies with empty nutrition and mostly because of convenience in the fast paced world of modern life.  I for one am frequently guilty of the early morning Costa for a caffeine fix, fuelled with sugary syrup and cream.  Maybe even some toast and jam, or a pastry, unless I'm pretending to be good and I'll have a slice of carrot cake and kid myself it is one of my five-a-day!

Its amazing how the days which don't start with this poor habit are some of the most productive days I have.  It is also noticeable how much caffeine impacts on my pain and anxiety.  

Would you like to discover new nutritional habits that can power your day, all day and everyday?