How to put an end to pain without pills

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Pain Management

Living with chronic pain can quite often feel like living a life sentence, in the prison that sometimes shows up as your body. As more knowledge is gained about the brain including the gut-brain axis, origins of pain, how pain and emotions show up in our lives, the impact on daily life, family and relationships, and the ever-increasing evidence of the additional problems which medication can cause internally. There are options available to all to learn how chronic pain can be controlled without pills.

Did you know that Gabapentin (Neurontin) is already known to deplete levels of Vitamin D during its use? Did you also know that I only found that out two days ago, after using gabapentin for over six years now – having swapped from Pregabalin (Lyrica) – Frying pan and fire come to mind here!

As an independent pain management practitioner BEMER® Partner near NEC Birmingham, I help people struggling to live with the effects of chronic pain and fatigue.

Here, I will discuss;

● What is Pain Management?

● What Does a Pain Management Practitioner Do?

● What is a Pain Management Programme?

● Can I go to a Pain Management Practitioner Without a Referral from my GP?

What is Pain Management?

Frequently it is believed that pain management is about getting a cure or being handed the pills, I’ve heard and read statements such as “I went to the pain clinic today and all they gave me was a leaflet about a pain management programme, and pretty much told me to think it away because it’s all in my head – they didn’t even give me any pain medication” (privacy protected). When, in fact, Pain Management is the complete opposite of that, leading to huge disappointment and dissatisfaction with the Doctor and the Hospital, for someone expecting a cure or a prescription full of medication that will stop the pain.

Pain Management is exactly what it says on the tin, ‘management of the pain’

What Does a Pain Management Practitioner Do?

If they don’t give out the pills, what do they do? A pain management practitioner is someone who has learned about and trained in the impact and psychology of pain to become qualified and insured to deliver pain management programmes.

In my case, I have been living with chronic pain and fatigue for over 15 years, receiving an initial diagnosis of Fibromyalgia in December 2006 – aged 25, single mum of two, working full-time and studying for professional qualifications – who has gone onto become a pain management practitioner.

As a pain management practitioner – who understands that it’s about finding what works for you when it comes to managing your own pain – I bring you a bespoke pain management programme combining tools, and techniquesproducts, advice, guidance, and support on living your life beyond the pain.

What is a Pain Management Programme?

pain management programme is essentially lifestyle guidance, which when combined and put into action can really help to reduce the level of pain you feel day by day. Equally, it can help you get through the bad days with more focus

– Gentle Movement – Don’t panic I’m not suggesting you run up and down the stairs or jog around the block, gentle stretches and/or pushing the vacuum around the living room counts as movement!

– Mindfulness – or some other form of ‘being present and intentional’ such as meditation or prayer, journaling, all of them in varying degrees or just one of them, again, it is about finding what works for you personally.

– Having a Plan – for managing the thoughts and feelings that are inherent with chronic pain.

– Get Support – find people who understand what you are going through, will support you on both the bad days and the better days, but most importantly Dig deep within you to give yourself the support and care that you, your mind, and your body need and deserve!

The overarching aim of any pain management programme, is not to rid you of your pain – that, sadly, is invariably impossible – it is to help you understand the origins of chronic and persistent pain. A learning opportunity to make pain management a part of your daily self-care routine to enable you to live a life without limits!

Can I go to a Pain Management Practitioner Without a Referral from my GP?

You don’t need a referral from your GP to start taking back some control over your pain.

As an Independent Pain Management Practitioner and BEMER Partner, based near the NEC Birmingham, I offer pain management services, products, and programmes starting from just £9.99 from an independent pain clinic accessible by all.

Book your free discovery appointment here at Rolling with The Glen and begin your journey of freedom from the pain.

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