Doing it every morning when I wake up, every evening after my tea, and sometimes even when I’m sleeping, is what works for me!

Now, wherever your brain went when you read that, I can guarantee it went to the wrong place!

Let me explain…

Just Give it A Go

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 17 years ago which, let me tell you, feels like a lifetime. Since that moment, I reckon if I was given £1 for every time someone said, ‘this will take your pain away, give this a try!’, I’d be a billionaire by now.

When so many people throw so many different medications, therapies, and so-called solutions at you, just for them to be – for want of a better phrase – a load of crap, you tend to struggle to trust what people say. Especially when those people have probably never experienced anything much worse than the odd headache.

Now, that’s not to say I didn’t give all their suggestions a go. Back then, I’d have done just about anything to dull the pain, even just a little. I submerged myself in the world of medication, holistic therapies, combinations of both and everything in between.

I tried water therapies, changed my diet, tried out tailored gym programmes. I even tried no meds at one point – desperation will do that to you!

Just one more go. I’ll just try this. This will work for sure.

So much hope, and so much disappointment. It was a vicious cycle I couldn’t get out of.

So, when I met Elissa in May 2019 and heard her say the words ‘this will take your pain away’, my eyes rolled back so far into my head I could almost see my own brain. Yeah right, whatever.

However, somewhere inside me, that little fire of determination (and curiosity) was stoked. The thought of what if? stopped me walking away. Okay, I’ll give it a go.

That decision changed my life. And it’s the reason Rolling with the Glen exists.

Meeting the Magic Mat

My first time was met with a little apprehension and a whole load of scepticism. I tried to keep an open mind as I sat there and listened to Elissa’s inspiring story. The story of the ‘magic mat’ that had helped her manage her pain and the science behind why it could help me with mine.

Magic mat? I couldn’t help but think, what an absolute crock of shite.

I steeled myself for another round of disappointment, annoyed at myself for falling into yet another sales trap. I just couldn’t understand how this thing I was sitting on could make any difference whatsoever to the pain I’d felt for almost two decades.

The session was over. I got up to leave and was momentarily surprised that the movement felt slightly easier than when I’d arrived.

Placebo effect, I thought, don’t get your hopes up.

How wrong I was.

More Magic Mat Encounters

The next time I encountered the magic mat, I was having a particularly bad pain day (6-7/10) while at a networking event.

And, like the stars had aligned, who should I bump into but Elissa? Of course, she had her magic mat in tow. She offered me a seat, pressed a couple of buttons and we chatted away until the session was over. When I left that networking event, my pain was around the 4 out of 10 mark. Is there something in this?

I wasn’t sure. But on the off chance that there was, I kept the magic mat at the back of my mind for when I really needed it.

That day came in July. My steroid injection had worn off and I was in immeasurable amounts of pain. The magic mat sprung to mind as a last resort. I just needed something. I booked in for a series of magic mat sessions and hoped for the best.

The Session that Changed Everything

Arriving at my first session, my pain was at 8/10. I was crying. Barely able to straighten up and reliant on my elbow crutch, which I usually leave in the car for walking such a short distance.

Elissa sat me down, handed me a bottle of water and asked me to rate my pain. It was a 10/10 by this point. Unbearable.

We chatted, the magic mat did its thing and when it eventually beeped, Elissa asked me to rate my pain again. As I began to answer, I realised just how little pain I could feel.

It was a 2-3/10 at most. I was truly impressed. As were my family when I returned home.

I was nervous to allow myself to think that this could be the pain management therapy I’d spent years searching for, but as each session passed, I became more and more certain that the magic mat was the real deal.

Reduced pain levels, smoother skin, brighter eyes. Something was working wonders for my health, and I had a sneaky suspicion it had everything to do with the magic mat I’d once discounted as a sales trap.

Life with the Magic Mat

By the end of August, I’d fully embraced the power of the magic mat. I purchased one for myself to use twice daily and worked with Dr Ralph Burger and Patrik to complete the training required ready to become a magic mat partner.

Now, if you’ve been following along with my story for a while, you’ll know that the magic mat is actually BEMER therapy. A therapy that utilises electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the tiny blood vessels in your body, resulting in a range of health benefits (pain management included – hallelujah!)

All these years later, I’m still doing it twice a day (told you your brain was in the wrong place!) and, more importantly, it’s still keeping the pain at bay.

Pain Management with Rolling with the Glen

I wanted to tell this story, not just to show you how Rolling with the Glen came to be, but to let you know that there is a solution out there. Don’t give up hope. If I had, I would never have discovered BEMER therapy.

So, if you’re looking for a pain management solution that’s right for you, roll with me, and let’s walk this journey together.

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