Bone Fractures

So, you broke a bone. Not only has doing so been a bit traumatic and a real inconvenience, but you’ve probably also experienced considerable pain throughout the healing process. In short, would not recommend!

Bones are funny old things, and the healing process can be lengthy and complex. You may experience pain throughout each stage of this process, and a few of you may even continue to experience chronic pain after the fracture has healed.

If you’re worried about fracture pain, it’s essential to first identify the type of pain you’re experiencing and its cause:

Bone Fracture Pain Types

Acute Pain

This is the never-felt-anything-like-it initial fracture pain – intense and, for want of a better phrase, is really bloody painful! Acute pain occurs immediately after the fracture and is the body’s natural response to a broken bone.

Sub-acute Pain

This is the awkward bit in between. The bone is remodelling itself, and nerves, muscles and soft tissue are affected in the process, making the whole thing a bit uncomfortable, to say the least. Expect sub-acute pain in the first few weeks or months of healing.

Chronic Pain

This is the one that might need a bit more attention.

Your bone fracture pain becomes chronic if the pain persists long after you would’ve expected the healing process to be complete. Chronic pain can impact your day-to-day life and may also have a negative impact on life quality overall – something that needs addressing, pronto!

Managing Bone Fracture Chronic Pain

Whatever the cause, just know that there will be a solution out there to help you manage your bone fracture chronic pain. These solutions could include the following:


    Physical therapy


    Regular exercise




    Natural remedies such as CBD oil


    Pain therapies such as BEMER Therapy

    Chronic pain as a result of a fracture could be caused by the following:


      Nerve damage


      The development of scar tissue


      Triggered underlying arthritis

      While the above won’t cure your chronic pain, they will make it easier to live with, allowing you to return to your life feeling happier and healthier.

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